A Comparison of the Turkish and American Predoctoral Pediatric Education
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Şişli, Istanbul, TURKEY
Fatih Faculty of Education, Trabzon University, Trabzon, TURKEY
Department of Pediatric Dentistry, Goldman School of Dental Medicine, Boston University, Boston, MA, USA
Online publication date: 2018-05-15
Publication date: 2018-05-15
EURASIA J. Math., Sci Tech. Ed 2018;14(7):3197–3204
This study aimed to compare the Turkish (Karadeniz Technical University) and American (Boston University) predoctoral pediatric dental education. Given related curricula and first-hand observations at dental schools at Karadeniz Technical University and Boston University, documentary analysis was employed to emerge their similarities and differences. The authors, who matched the courses in both universities, found the following similarities between them: (a) class-hours; (b) subject matter and laboratory-based courses prior to pediatric clinic; (c) measurement and assessment methods; and (d) content knowledge. Moreover, their main differences appeared at the pediatric clinical treatment sessions, rotation (special needs and community clinics in Boston University; community clinics in Karadeniz Technical University), and subject-matter courses (e.g., Child Abuse, Review Cases and Integrated Problem-Solving Exercise). This study sheds more light on collaborative works between dental schools and faculty of education. For example; the questions ‘How are alternative strategies integrated into dental education?’ and ‘How are the subjects taught effectively?’ should be inquired. The authors suggest to enhance international collaborations (e.g., student/faculty exchange programmes, distance education, monthly online meeting, and teleconferences) for achieving better dental education.
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