Research on the Development of Education Level of University Sports Aesthetics Based on AHP
Yongqiang Li 1  
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Institute of Physical Education, Jiangsu Normal University, Xuzhou 221116, China
Yongqiang Li   

Institute of Physical Education, Jiangsu Normal University, Xuzhou 221116, China
Online publication date: 2017-08-15
Publication date: 2017-08-15
EURASIA J. Math., Sci Tech. Ed 2017;13(8):5133–5140
Physical exercise becomes an important part of daily life, and the level of the education level of sports aesthetics affects people’s standard of living. Using the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) in this article, from physical beauty, beauty, behaviours and emotions as well as the teachers consider four aspects, with college students of sports aesthetic feeling as the weight value of the four aspects, comprehensive evaluation of four cities Beijing, Shanghai, Shijiazhuang and Tianjin sports aesthetic education. The results show that the aesthetic education is the best sports Beijing, followed by Shanghai, the worst is Tianjin.
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