The Effects of Mathematics Anxiety on Matriculation Students as Related to Motivation and Achievement
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Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Selangor, MALAYSIA
Publication date: 2008-01-22
EURASIA J. Math., Sci Tech. Ed 2008;4(1):27–30
The study investigated the effects of mathematics anxiety on matriculation students as related to motivation and achievement. Subjects included 88 students who were at the end of their second semester of study. Anxiety and motivation were measured using the Fennema-Sherman Math Anxiety Scale (MAS) and Effectance Motivation Scale (EMS) respectively. The instrument used to measure achievement was the Mathematics Achievement Test (MAT). The ANOVA results showed that the mean achievement scores and motivation scores of low, moderate and high anxiety groups were significantly different. Findings also revealed a low (r=-0.32) but significant (p < 0.05) negative correlation between mathematics anxiety and achievement and also a strong (r=-0.72) significant (p<0.05) negative correlation between mathematics anxiety and motivation. The study also revealed a significant low positive correlation (r=0.31) between motivation and achievement