Development and Utilization of University Cultural Resources – A Case Study of Bengbu University
Zhen-Bo Xu 1  
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Bengbu University, CHINA
Zhen-Bo Xu   

School of Literature and education, Bengbu University, China. Address to No.1866,Caoshan Rd., Longzihu Dist., Bengbu City 233030, China. Tel: +86-552-3177259
Online publish date: 2017-08-22
Publish date: 2017-08-22
EURASIA J. Math., Sci Tech. Ed 2017;13(8):5785–5791
Universities have rich cultural resources, its development and utilization can create enormous economic and social benefits, so as to establish the higher education system adapt to the market economy. Meanwhile as an important part of the social cultural resources, speeding up the development of university cultural industry, is of far-reaching significance to the cultural development and prosperity and socialist powerful culture state building. With the specific situation investigation of the development and utilization of cultural resources in Bengbu University, that is, education training resources, cultural stadiums resources, artistic cultural resources, campus media cultural resources, publishing cultural resources and brand cultural resource, we draw examples for other colleges and universities and the relevant departments to follow and consult.
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