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Eurasia Journal of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education
Volume 4, Number 3, August 2008
E-ISSN: 1305-8223
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EDITORIAL                                                                                                                                                                                                                  (195)
Mehmet Fatih Taşar
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Research Articles
Scientists and Scientific Thinking: Understanding Scientific Thinking Through an Investigation                                               (197-214)
of Scientists Views About Superstitions, and Religious Beliefs
Richard K. Coll, Mark C. Lay and Neil Taylor
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Animals in the lives of young Maltese Children                                                                                                                                        (215-221)
Sue Dale Tunnicliffe, Suzanne Gatt, Catherine Agius and Sue Anne Pizzuto
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Teaching Species Identification – A Prerequisite for Learning Biodiversity and  Understanding Ecology                               (223-231)
Christoph Randler
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The Effect of Using Concept Maps as Study Tools on Achievement in Chemistry                                                                          (233-246)
Saouma BouJaoude and May Attieh
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The Quality of Lower Secondary Students’ Discussions During Labwork in Chemistry                                                               (247-254)
Olle Eskilsson
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Students’ Attitudes Toward Computer Use in Slovakia                                                                                                                         (255-262)
Jana Fančovičová and Pavol Prokop
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Technology in Learning: Narrowing the Gender Gap?                                                                                                                           (263-268)
Luckson Muganyizi Kaino
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Lithuanian University Students’ Knowledge of Biotechnology and Their Attitudes to the Taught Subject                               (269-277)
Vincentas Lamanauskas and Rita Makarskaitė-Petkevičienė
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Promoting Inquiry Through Science Reflective Journal Writing                                                                                                        (279-283)
Phillip Alexander Towndrow, Tan Aik Ling and A. M. Venthan
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Reform-Based Curriculum and Motivation in Geometry                                                                                                                        (285-292)
Erdoğan Halat, Elizabeth Jakubowski and Nuh Aydin
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Effects of Mastery Learning Approach on Secondary School Students’ Physics Achievement                                                (293-302)
Patriciah W. Wambugu and Johnson M. Changeiywo
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Pre-Service and In-Service High School Physics Teachers’ Ideas about Simple Electric Circuits                                           (303-311)
Hüseyin Küçüközer and Neşet Demirci
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Book Reviews
DEFINING AN IDENTITY – THE EVOLUTION OF SCIENCE EDUCATION AS A FIELD OF RESEARCH                                                  (313-314)
Author: Peter F. Fensham
Reviewer: Reinders Duit
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PHILOSOPHY, SCIENCE, EDUCATION AND CULTURE                                                                                                                              (315-316)
Editors: Robert Nola and Gurol Irzik
Reviewer: Sibel Erduran
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