EURASIA Front Cover

of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education

Volume 6, Number 3, August 2010


Research Articles

Classroom Instructions Observed from the Perspectives of Current Reform in Science Education:                                              (151-162)
Comparisons between Korean and U.S. Classrooms                                                                                                                                           
Todd Campbell, Phil Seok Oh, Myeong-Kyeong Shin
, and Danhui Zhang
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Open Experimentation on Phenomena of Chemical Reactions via the Learning Company Approach                                             (163-171)
in Early Secondary Chemistry Education
Katharina Beck, Torsten Witteck, and Ingo Eilks
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Alternative Mathematics Assessment: A Case study of the Development of Descriptive Problems                                                (173-186)
for Elementary School in Korea
Min Kyeong Kim and Sunsook Noh
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Using the TOSRA to Assess High School Students’ Attitudes toward Science after Competing in                                                  (187-197)
the FIRST Robotics Competition: An Exploratory Study
Anita G. Welch

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Dynamic Open Inquiry Performances of High-School Biology Students                                                                                                   (199-214)
Michal Zion and Irit Sadeh 
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Stability of the Intrinsic Motivation Inventory (IMI) For the Use of Malaysian Form One                                                                        (215-226)
Students in ICT Literacy Class
Eow Yee Leng, Wan Zah bte Wan Ali, Roselan Baki, and Rosnaini Mahmud
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