EURASIA Front Cover

of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education

Volume 6, Number 4, November 2010


Research Articles
Pre-service Physics Teachers’ Comprehension of Quantum Mechanical Concepts
Nilüfer Didiş, Ali Eryılmaz & Şakir Erkoç
Pages: 227-235
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Animal Related Activities as Determinants of Species Knowledge
Christoph Randler
Pages: 237-243
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Benchmarking mentoring practices: A case study in Turkey
Peter Hudson, Muhammet Uşak & Ayşe Savran-Gencer
Pages: 245-252
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Development and Factor Analysis of an Instrument to Measure 
Preservice Teachers’s Perceptions of Learning Objects

Sami Şahin
Pages: 253-261
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An Examination of Preservice Teachers’ Perceptions of Cyberbullying
Harun Yılmaz
Pages: 263-270
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A Confirmatory Structural Equation Model of Achievement Estimated by Dichotomous Attitudes, Interest, and Conceptual Understanding
Minkee Kim & Jinwoong Song
Pages: 271-285
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Conversation / Interview
A Conversation with Michael R. Matthews:
The Contribution of History and Philosophy of Science to Science Teaching and Research

Yalçın Yalaki & Gültekin Çakmakcı
Pages: 287-309
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