Ethnomathematical research in mathematics education journals in Indonesia: A case study of data design and analysis
Muhammad Turmuzi 1 2 * , I Gusti Putu Suharta 1 , I Nengah Suparta 1
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1 Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha, Bali, INDONESIA2 Universitas Mataram, Mataram, INDONESIA* Corresponding Author


In 2016, Indonesian ethnomathematical research emerged, which led to the publication of various journals ranging from science and technology index (SINTA) one to six. Comprehensive studies on this trend, is very important for advancing ethnic mathematics and learning. Therefore, this research aimed to determine trend in ethnomathematics in Indonesia, from the design to data analysis stages. It adhered to the principle of content analysis with a focus on the results of published scientific-related journals. Data were collected from the content analysis results of mathematics education articles published from 2016 to 2022, with the keyword ethnomathematics and of the 80 research, none used this type of classroom action method. The literature review comprises one, two, 10, and 18, normal, mixed method, quantitative, and development-related articles, respectively. The most dominant was qualitative, with 49 articles. In conclusion, the trend of Indonesian ethnomathematical research publications has increased more than in previous years, with the highest number achieved in 2021.


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Article Type: Review Article

EURASIA J Math Sci Tech Ed, 2023, Volume 19, Issue 1, Article No: em2220

Publication date: 14 Jan 2023

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