Factors and Levels Associated with Lecturers’ Motivation and Job Satisfaction in a Chinese University
Sylvestre Munyengabe 1, He Haiyan 1 * , Zhao Yiyi 1, Shan Jiefei 1
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1 School of Education, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, CHINA* Corresponding Author


Motivation and job satisfaction of employees have been an important research area in recent years. Based on a case study on two-new-established colleges in one university located in China Beijing town, this study aimed to correlate and investigate the levels and factors affecting lecturers’ motivation and job satisfactions in this university. The descriptive survey and co-relational methods were used. Seventy lecturers with 51.4 % male and 48.6 % female participated in the study. Data were analyzed by frequencies, percentages, means and Pearson’ Linear Correlation Coefficient. Means were interpreted as poor, fair, satisfactory and very satisfactory. The motivational level of lecturers was satisfactory (average mean = 2.707, Std=.8014) mostly affected by Incentives &promotions and salary. The level of job satisfaction was interpreted as satisfactory (average mean of 2.660, Std=.7804) mostly affected by financial reward. The correlation reported a significant relationship between lecturers’ motivation and job satisfaction (r = 0.615 with the sig-value of.000 lesser than .001). The continuity of lecturers’ motivation was recommended by taking into consideration all analyzed factors.


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EURASIA J Math Sci Tech Ed, 2017, Volume 13, Issue 10, 6415-6430


Publication date: 23 Sep 2017

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