Leadership Styles of School Administrators and its Relation with the Mobbing Experience Levels of Social, Science and Mathematics Teachers
Emete Yağcı 1 * , Togay Uluöz 1
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1 Near East University, Department of Physical Education and Sports, NORTH CYPRUS* Corresponding Author

This article has been presented in ICES 2017 - International Conference on Environmental Sciences & Educational Studies.
This article belongs to the special issue "Interdisciplinary Research on the Environmental Education, Educational Studies in Sustainability & Instructional Technologies and Designs.


All elements within an organisation have a direct impact on the success and continuity of organisation. The relationship between the organisation administrator and employees has a significant importance. The elements that are significant about organisation are also relevant with the success of school. The communication level between the school administrator and teachers, behaviours of administrator and commitment of teacher towards his/her school are important regarding the continuity of school. The leadership features of school administrator have an impact on the success of teacher and students. The behaviours of school administrator that may create problems not only would deteriorate the success of teacher and students but also have an impact on the commitment towards their organisation. This study is “a relational screening model” among the general screening model and is a descriptive study. The total number of 313 social, science and mathematics teachers working in public and private secondary schools (total 22 schools) were interviewed. SPSS 21 program was used for the quantitative data as well as the regression, frequency (f), percentage (%) and statistics techniques.


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EURASIA J Math Sci Tech Ed, 2018, Volume 14, Issue 1, 155-166


Publication date: 28 Sep 2017

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