Mobile Learning Model and Process Optimization in the Era of Fragmentation
Shi-Jun Zhang 1 * , Gui-Hua Yu 1
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1 Wenzhou Business College, CHINA* Corresponding Author


In the context of mobile Internet, college students' leisure time has fragmentation characteristics to improve the value of time, it is of great practical significance to make full use of fragmentation time to study effectively. This research focuses on mobile learning model and its effect, firstly, qualitative research is used to construct the mobile learning model and mobile learning mechanism which is different from the traditional teaching mode; Secondly, based on the perspective of “Mobile Internet + Teaching” and a case of “international marketing” course, the author uses the method of questionnaire and single group quasi experiment to test the learning effect. The empirical results show that the mobile learning model can fully mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of the students in the mobile learning process and help to improve the quality of learning, efficiency and effectiveness of teaching. Comprehensively utilizing system push, multiple customizations and multiple communication functions of mobile communication platform to reach the orientation of “learn everything you can, everywhere you can”, so, take specific course to carry out practice testing, which provides theoretical reference for the relevant curriculum teaching reform.


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Article Type: Research Article

EURASIA J Math Sci Tech Ed, 2017, Volume 13, Issue 7, 3641-3652

Publication date: 19 Jun 2017

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