Psychometric Properties of Spence Children’s Anxiety Scale (SCAS)
Cemaliye Direktör 1 * , Nergüz Bulut Serin 2
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1 Department of Psychology, European University of Lefke, NORTH CYPRUS2 Department of Psychological Counselling and Guidance, European University of Lefke, NORTH CYPRUS* Corresponding Author

This article has been presented in ICES 2017 - International Conference on Environmental Sciences & Educational Studies.

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The aim of this study is to explain the validity and reliability of the SCAS translated into Turkish language, as well as testing the validity of the 6-factor model among the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) population. The sampling group consists of 461 students studying in the 4th and 5th grade of 11 primary schools selected randomly among 112 primary schools in Northern Cyprus under the Ministry of National Education. 48.80% of these students were female (N = 225) and 51.20% were male (N = 236). The age of the children ranged from 9 to 12 (X = 9.89, S = 0.69). Exploratory factor analysis was used in order to assess the validity produced by the six-factor model. The confirmatory factor analysis results with six-factor model resulted in a good fit to the data. The Cronbach’s Alpha value of the scale was .83 and the split half value was .80. The correlation between the social phobia scores, which is a sub-scale of SCAS, and Social Anxiety Scale for Children was studied and it was observed that the correlation coefficient was found as .523 (p <.001). The MANOVA revealed a significant multivariate main effect of the gender. These results suggested that girls had significantly higher levels of anxiety, social phobia and physical injury fear symptoms compared to boys. The results obtained in the study have demonstrated that SCAS has strong psychometric properties. The study on the Turkish version of the scale has provided psychometric information about the fact that the scale can be used in our country.


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EURASIA J Math Sci Tech Ed, Volume 13, Issue 10, October 2017, 6725-6736

Publication date: 03 Oct 2017

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