The Effects of Transformation of Public Sphere with the New Media in Academy
Ömer Yetkinel 1 * , Metin Çolak 1
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1 Cyprus International University, N. CYPRUS* Corresponding Author


When technology has successfully penetrated in all aspects of life, a discussion on public sphere and its relevance in today’s scenario is becoming more complicated. It is needless to say that opinions will differ as the post-modern critics dissect Habermas’ concept of public sphere with full acuity. As the mass media is being dominated by the Information and Communications Technology industry, the perceptible change and the aspect of critical publicity that Habermas emphasized on with a higher sense of responsibility is worth discussing. Computer-mediated communication and its uses in education is dominating today’s age and the issue like commercialization, commodification, media ownership, instructional technologies are sometimes considered to be challenging the power of free, rational thinking and freedom of speech. This age of digitalization is definitely getting dependent to cyberspace more for every reason or the other, but what needs to be assessed is if this dependency is effecting the freedom of democratic discussion.


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EURASIA J Math Sci Tech Ed, Volume 13, Issue 8, August 2017, 5009-5018

Publication date: 11 Aug 2017

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