The Pre-attentive Processing under Background of Industrial Automatic Control: Evidence from the vMMN
Jing-Yuan Li 1 *
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1 Harbin Engineering University, CHINA* Corresponding Author


Safety education is a kind of effective means by which people can improve safety consciousness, can master the safety theory, regulations and technology standard.The most important reason of work-safety accident is human factor and the level of safety behaviors and emergency capability of production people is the focus of human factors. From the cognitive perspective, the article analyzes the pre-attentive processing features of human under the industrial auto-control background through people’s information processing. Therefore article propose a cognitive neural experiment approach based HCI. Article used the auto-control interface of the towing vessels of ocean engineering vessels to simulate that of the real operating room. The figures on the central interface presented that the regular winding drum speed of the towing machine was 7.5m/min and the graphic symbols on the both sides of the interface presented the system pressure safety alerting signals of the towing machine. Normally, the safety alerting signals on the two sides of the interface were green rectangles, but abnormally they would be red vertical rectangles, red horizontal rectangles or red hexagons. Namely, the task-related stimuli appeared in the center of people’s view but the task-unrelated stimuli appeared on the sides. The subjects were informed to concentrate on the winding drum speed on the center of the interface and ignore the pressure safety alerting signals on the sides. If the winding drum speed changes, the subjects should react as soon as possible. The experiment adopted Oddball and Equiprobable paradigms, using Event-related Potential (ERP) technology to verify. The results show that all of the 3 kinds of safety alerting signals can cause Visual Mismatch Negativity (vMMN) negative wave but the strength values are different. The pressure safety alerting signals of red horizontal rectangle are easier to cause the operator’s attention.


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EURASIA J Math Sci Tech Ed, 2017, Volume 13, Issue 8, 5735-5745

Publication date: 22 Aug 2017

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