University teachers’ didactic-mathematical knowledge for teaching the effect of coefficient b on the quadratic function
Carlos Ledezma 1 , Juan Pablo Vargas 1 , Diana Hidalgo-Moncada 1 , Vicenç Font 1 *
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1 Department of Linguistic, Scientific, & Mathematics Education, Faculty of Education, University of Barcelona, Barcelona, SPAIN* Corresponding Author


Literature shows a tendency to relegate the role of coefficient b to second place in the teaching of the quadratic function. We report an experience with Chilean university teachers, who designed a teaching and learning sequence with this function for construction engineering students. Our focus was on the didactic-mathematical knowledge about the effects of varying coefficient b on the graphical representation of this function that the participating teachers made evident. We constituted a focus group with 10 teachers and then qualitatively analyzed their dialogues using the mathematics teacher’s didactic-mathematical knowledge and competencies model. We highlight the following results: (a) the importance of mathematical knowledge and that of the epistemic facet to interpret the effect of coefficient b on the graphical representation of the quadratic function and (b) the proposal of an interpretation for the graphical behavior of coefficient b that contributes to the teaching of the quadratic function.


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EURASIA J Math Sci Tech Ed, Volume 19, Issue 12, December 2023, Article No: em2370

Publication date: 01 Dec 2023

Online publication date: 05 Nov 2023

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