Educational Technologies, Teacher Training, Competencies Development Based on Innovative Emerging Pedagogies

It has become evident at the present time that ICTs, innovation and the educational organization as a whole, require a methodological approach that considers them in a strategic and emerging way. An own educational model that enhances community practices, leadership exercises, inclusive nature, artificial and emotional intelligence, design thinking and mobile learning, among other important factors. Therefore, the pedagogical in this case, and especially linked to technological inclusion, is clearly evident, this happens in use strategies designed by teachers in order to create environments where learning is a matter of community and where own competences demonstrations that facilitate participation, involvement and implication on the part of students are pursued.

Our proposal arises from the consideration of technology as a formation of the group’s value, as a group, from combined intelligences which comprehend educational organisation improving efficiency and feelings immersed in their own development. And all of it despite that in some circumstances Internet instead of serving the cause of increasing the amount and improving the quality of human integration, mutual understanding, cooperation, solidarity, it has facilitated isolation, separation, exclusion, enmity, unrest practices in many cases. Consequently, our approach based on different researches expresses its interest in values that could develop technological integration proposals and consequential strategies of emerging pedagogy immersed in it for the educational organisation. There is no other way thus we are the machine, teachers of 21st century who express themselves with identity nature in the digital. Pedagogical contexts nowadays express appreciation for economy and Internet knowledge, as well as digital literacy developments, constituting particularly dynamic and with promising potential.

• Emerging pedagogies
• ICT integration
• Educational innovation
• Teacher training
• Competence development

Important Dates
Manuscript Due: March 1, 2020
Acceptance/Notification: March 31, 2020
Final Version View: April 30, 2020
Tentative Publication Date: Jun 2020

Guest editors:
Dr. Zhenyu Du (Lead Guest Editor)
Chairman of Hong Kong Information Technology & Industrial Engineering Research Center, Hong Kong

Prof. Jun Liu,
Vice Dean of School of Computer Science and Engineering, Wuhan Institute of Technology, China