A Kinect- and Game-Based Interactive Learning System
Yi-Hsing Chang 1 * , Jhen-Hao Hwang 2, Rong-Jyue Fang 2, You-Te Lu 2
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1 No. 1, Nan-Tai Street, Yungkang Dist., Tainan, Taiwan2 Tainan, Taiwan* Corresponding Author


This study combined the attention–relevance–confidence–satisfaction (ARCS) motivation model with a game design model to develop a Kinect- and game-based interactive learning system to enhance learning motivation and effect. In this system, game characteristics incorporated into the learning procedure through a game model allowed the learner to have fun while learning, and it stimulated their interest in the learning activities. A Kinect-based somatosensory interface was adopted to enable the learner to control virtual characters by using their physical movements. The learning objective investigated in this study was to learn about various zoo animals. Sixty adults aged 20–25 years were recruited as experiment participants, divided equally between the experimental and control groups. Learning effect was analyzed by using a t test to compare the participants’ performance in tests administered before and after one hour of learning. Learning motivation was investigated using a questionnaire in which the four elements of the ARCS model were adopted as four dimensions of inquiry. Compared with the control group, the experimental group achieved a larger test score improvement. Analyzing the questionnaire results confirmed that the learners had significantly increased motivation across all four ARCS dimensions. Finally, learners gave positive evaluations of the developed learning system.


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EURASIA J Math Sci Tech Ed, 2017, Volume 13, Issue 8, 4897-4914


Publication date: 01 Aug 2017

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