A Reconsideration of the Effectiveness of Using Geoboard in Teaching Euclidean Geometry
Mandlenkosi Richard Sibiya 1 *
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1 School of Mathematics, Sciences and Technology Education, Faculty of Education, North West University, SOUTH AFRICA* Corresponding Author


The effect of using Geoboards in teaching Euclidean geometry in Grade 11 mathematics learners is described. A qualitative research design was adopted in the study. This design was preferred as it provides the conceptual understanding of the teaching methods of the teachers. The participants were taught Euclidean Geometry with the use of Geoboard and an assessment was done and marks were recorded. Thereafter, convenience sampling was used to select twenty (n = 20) participants from two secondary schools in the following order: eight (n = 8) of the top learners, four (n = 4) of the middle learners, and eight (n = 8) of the bottom learners were randomly selected from the Euclidean geometry test mark list to form four focus groups. Only five (n = 5) participants were assigned to each group. The study used the constructivism theory as the lens through which the data will be analyzed. The data were collected by means of focus groups and analyzed using thematic analysis. The findings of the study revealed that the Geoboard gives learners the freedom to learn on their own and in small groups while the teacher provides supervisory guideline using geometric theorem worksheets that support and guide learners. It was also noted that a Geoboard allows learners to work collaboratively with their peers while promoting learner-centered learning.


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EURASIA J Math Sci Tech Ed, Volume 16, Issue 9, September 2020, Article No: em1876


Publication date: 22 Jun 2020

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