A Study on the Effect of Mathematics Teaching Provided Through Drama on the Mathematics Ability of Six-Year-Old Children
Serap Erdoğan 1 * , Gülen Baran 2
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1 Anadolu University, Eskişehir, TURKIYE2 Ankara University, Ankara,TURKIYE* Corresponding Author


This study was conducted to examine the effect of mathematics teaching given through the drama method on the mathematical ability of six-year-old children. The research was conducted in Ankara on 105 children from the kindergarten classes of two different primary schools of the Ministry of National Education, which are at middle socioeconomic level. Thirty-five of the 105 children were selected as the experimental group, 35 of them as the control group and finally 35 as the placebo control group. The placebo control group was formed in order to determine the differences resulting from group interaction. Data were collected by means of the “General Information Form” and the “Test of Early Mathematics Ability-3 (TEMA-3)” developed by Ginsburg and Baroody in 1983. Results showed that mathematic teaching based on the drama method has a positive effect on the mathematical ability of six year of children.


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EURASIA J Math Sci Tech Ed, Volume 5, Issue 1, 2009, 79-85


Publication date: 22 Jan 2009

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