A Study on the Teachers’ Professional Knowledge and Competence in Environmental Education
Kuo-Shu Yuan 1 * , Tung-Ju Wu 1, Hui-Bing Chen 1, Yi-Bin Li 1
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1 College of Business Administration, Huaqiao University* Corresponding Author


The rapid development of technology and economy has largely enhanced the quality of life. Nevertheless, various social and environmental problems have emerged. It would be the key solution to develop environmental education in order to have people present the environmental knowledge and the attitudes and value to concern about the environment and develop the skills and action to solve environmental problems. Environmental education teachers in 25 colleges and universities in central and southern Taiwan are researched in this study

Material and methods:
Total 250 copies of questionnaires are distributed, and 224 valid copies are retrieved.

The research results conclude the significant positive correlations 1.between professional development and professional knowledge & competence, 2.between teacher belief and professional knowledge & competence, and 3.between teaching efficacy and professional knowledge & competence. According to the research result, suggestions are eventually proposed in this study.

It expects to arouse the public cognition of environment to care for the environment through curriculum instruction of environmental education teachers and have people present the environmental knowledge and the attitudes and value to concern about environment.


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Article Type: Research Article

EURASIA J Math Sci Tech Ed, 2017, Volume 13, Issue 7, 3163-3175


Publication date: 15 Jun 2017

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