Ability of Slovakian Pupils to Identify Birds
Pavol Prokop 1 * , Rastislav Rodák 1
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1 Trnava University, Trvana, SLOVAKIA* Corresponding Author


A pupil’s ability to identify common organisms is necessary for acquiring further knowledge of biology. We investigated how pupils were able to identify 25 bird species following their song, growth habits, or both features presented simultaneously. Just about 19 % of birds were successfully identified by song, about 39 % by growth habit, and 45 % of birds were identified when pupils were allowed to hear their song and to see their growth habit simultaneously. Statistically significant correlation was found between visual and acoustical identification success which suggests that these two stimuli have an additive effect. This study provides direct support for the use of visual and acoustic features of animals when learning about birds in biology lessons.


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EURASIA J Math Sci Tech Ed, Volume 5, Issue 2, 2009, 127-133


Publication date: 22 Jan 2009

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