Application Strategy of Modern Network Technology in Higher Vocational Teaching Activities
Wenping Ouyang 1 *
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1 Hunan Radio and TV University, Changsha, CHINA* Corresponding Author


The pace of the development of contemporary science and technology is accelerating, and the multimedia assisted instruction technology with computer as the core has become an indispensable teaching means in higher vocational colleges (HVCs), and also an important mark of educational reform in HVCs in China. The development of modern network technology provides a strong impetus to the teaching reform in HVCs. This paper analyzes the research status of modern network technology application in domestic and overseas higher vocational education (HVE). It was found that the research on the application of modern network technology in HVE in China has a certain gap with that in overseas countries, especially the developed countries. Meanwhile, problems also exist that multimedia technology is too backward, the quality of CAI courseware cannot be guaranteed, and the interaction between teachers and students lacks, etc. Focusing on these problems, we suggest the following measures. First, vigorously strengthening the construction of campus information environment, establishing strict introduction and management systems of network facilities, strengthening the construction requirements of software teachers, and enhancing the propaganda of modern network technology. Second, integrating information technology with curriculum teaching, focusing on the inspection and verification of theoretical knowledge and application results, and improving the effect of students’ knowledge acquisition. Third, enhancing the modernization of teaching technology in HVE, improving the memory effect of students’ knowledge, thus arousing the enthusiasm of learning and teaching enthusiasm, and solving the lack of interaction between teachers and students, through the service function provided by network information technology. The starting point of optimizing the atmosphere of teaching activities in HVC is from these three aspects. Improve the application level of modern network technology in higher vocational teaching activities in China, and establish the application strategy of modern network technology in higher vocational teaching activities.


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EURASIA J Math Sci Tech Ed, 2017, Volume 13, Issue 10, 7009-7014

Publication date: 18 Oct 2017

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