Blended Learning in Anatomy Education: A Study Investigating Medical Students' Perceptions
Mehmet Akif Ocak 1 * , Arzu Deveci Topal 2
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1 Gazi University2 Kocaeli University* Corresponding Author


The present study examines levels of satisfaction and perceptions of the students taking the blended anatomy course in Turkish Higher Education System.

Materials and methods:
15 students selected from 213 medical students participated in the study. An interview form was designed to identify the views of the students about the present study.

The interview results were analyzed in the NVIVO program using the content analysis technique. Based on the results, the medical students’ views on the blended anatomy course were classified into 8 categories: 1) visuality 2) content 3) effective learning 4) expectations from blended learning 5) accessibility 6) motivation 7) new perspective for the students and 8) continuity. Results indicate that medical students perceive blended learning environment positively.

As a factor promoting learning, this study makes suggestions for taking advantage of the opportunities in a blended anatomy course successfully.


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EURASIA J Math Sci Tech Ed, 2015, Volume 11, Issue 3, 647-683

Publication date: 01 Mar 2015

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