Comparative Advantages between China and Britain in the Construction of Higher Educational Security System
Haohua Zhao 1 *
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1 College of Humanities and Law, Harbin University, Harbin, 150080, CHINA* Corresponding Author


It is a common sense in the field of world educational theory that the development of higher education is promoted and the participation of talents into practice of training for technical education is encouraged. All countries have taken active measures to encourage and promote the development of higher education in their own countries. With deepening of reform and opening up, talent shortage has become the bottleneck of social and economic development in China’s higher education. In order to meet the needs of professional and technical talents in economic development, China’s vocational higher education has established the goal of training talents to meet the needs of social and economic development. In educational practice, talent training is related to job gap in social technology. Under the guidance of this goal, the batch of market-oriented training model for qualified personnel has become the mainstream. As a result, China’s higher educational system can alleviate the “thirst for talent” in the market and provide a strong support for sustained and healthy development of economy. The mode of Chinese higher educational system and “dual system” of British educational model constitute a different form of personnel training. The UK higher education pays more attention to ability training, which has significant tendency. It is beneficial to individual development, while Chinese higher educational system supported by university system will not only offer the talents systematic knowledge, but also timely adjust the teaching content according to the change of market demand and enhance the social applicability of higher education. In the reform of optimizing Chinese higher educational system, we should actively refer to experiences of higher education in Britain to build higher educational system with Chinese characteristics: strengthening basic construction of law system and top-level construction of vocational education; carrying out quality certification and encouraging enterprises to participate in practice of vocational education system; regulating the connotative construction of contents and model in higher education to improve the quality of vocational education.


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EURASIA J Math Sci Tech Ed, 2017, Volume 13, Issue 10, 6939-6944

Publication date: 14 Oct 2017

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