Guiding Role of Professional Concept in Higher Educational Reform
Shaofang Shi 1, Shuyan Xu 2 *
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1 Library of Minnan University of Science and Technology, Shishi, 362700, CHINA2 Dean’s Office of Minnan University of Science and Technology, Shishi, 362700, CHINA* Corresponding Author


As a basic quality requirement for students entering into the workplace and the key to construction of characteristic high schools, professional concepts can help universities reshape the concept of talent cultivation. Starting from the connotation of professional concept as well as optimizing and innovating the curriculum system setting, we should pay attention to students’ subjective initiative in the process of cultivation for professional concept. Focusing on the change of students’ professional position in future and the concept of lifelong education, the reform of higher education should actively explore the professional concept. Based on employment standard in social enterprises and evaluation feedback, we should comprehensively use service of personalized education to drive and strengthen the students’ professional concept. We should also carry out education of traditional Chinese moral, spiritual of the times and citizens’ moral to effectively solve the problems that whom the university students should serve for and how to serve; university students should be cultivated to combine “occupation dream” with university education to correctly handle the relationship between personal career dream and profession. Through systematic vocational education, students can choose contents of professional education according to their own interests, abilities and needs of enterprises and establish their own professional development planning to love what they do and try their best to be expert in their fields so that they can comprehensively strengthen occupation identity. Combining with the professional concept, curriculum system in higher education can deepen the comprehension of university students to what they have learned, make what they have learned stereoscopical, stimulate the students’ occupation enthusiasm, encourage students to follow the path of professional awareness, career identity, and professional personality as well as realize the change from university students to career man. In order to establish occupation identity, university students should actively establish their plan for career, understand the relevant information on work outside the enterprise and establish their own career aims to reduce confusion and bewilderment after graduation and at last, they can grasp the opportunity in the workplace to get occupation power beyond the other people.


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EURASIA J Math Sci Tech Ed, Volume 13, Issue 10, October 2017, 6933-6938

Publication date: 14 Oct 2017

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