Current Status and Development Strategies of Ideological and Political Education on Cultivating Innovation & Enterprise Ability of University Students
Fan Zhang 1, Xueli Wei 1 *
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1 Harbin Medical University, Daqing, 163319, CHINA* Corresponding Author


The ideological and political education plays a crucial role in shaping the entrepreneurial concept of university students because it influences their life outlook, value outlook and world outlook. Therefore, the education has a significant influence on shaping the entrepreneurial ability of university students. The ideological and political education precedes the entrepreneurial spirit in practice. It starts from the entrepreneurial spirit of university students and gradually establishes the students’ entrepreneurial consciousness through the later cultivation. The cultivation of enough entrepreneurial consciousness could drive the entrepreneurial behavior. Moreover, the entrepreneurial capability could not be described by single parameters, and it requires a comprehensive evaluation including professional ability, communication ability, decision-making ability, mental ability, vocational ability, management ability, values, etc. The ideological and political education involves multiple factors including the entrepreneurial capability. It is intended to cultivate students in terms of thought, experience, management, market, etc., analyze the comprehensive performance of students’ entrepreneurial capability thoroughly and put forward specific guidance. The innovation and entrepreneurship education could give play to its positive guidance, conversion and standardization by fusing the elements of the ideological and political education. It constantly motivates the fighting wills of university students as well as their courage to overcome difficulties in the entrepreneurial process, and promotes the core competitiveness of university students in the future employment, entrepreneurship and career. By conducting a systematic analysis of the entrepreneurial situation and policies released by the Chinese government and combining the entrepreneurial mental health education with the service teaching, the educational concept of the innovation thought is quickly established, the discovery ability of entrepreneurial capability among students is emphasized, and the vertical entrepreneurial education progressive mode is established in which university students are guided to firmly and calmly carry out the entrepreneurial study and practice in the ideological and political education.


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EURASIA J Math Sci Tech Ed, Volume 13, Issue 10, October 2017, 6995-7001

Publication date: 18 Oct 2017

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