Designing Learning Strategy to Improve Undergraduate Students’ Problem Solving in Derivatives and Integrals: A Conceptual Framework
Nourooz Hashemi 1 * , Mohd Salleh Abu 1, Hamidreza Kashefi 1, Mahani Mokhtar 1, Khadijeh Rahimi 2
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1 Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, MALAYSIA2 Center for Mathematics Education, IRAN* Corresponding Author


Derivatives and integrals are two important concepts of calculus which are precondition topics for most of mathematics courses and other courses in different fields of studies. A majority of students at the undergraduate level have to master derivatives and integrals if they want to be successful in their studies However, students encounter difficulties in the learning of derivatives and integrals. Most of these difficulties arise from the students’ weakness in problem solving. This paper presents a learning strategy which has been designed to overcome these difficulties based on mathematical thinking and generalization strategies with prompts and questions.


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EURASIA J Math Sci Tech Ed, Volume 11, Issue 2, 2015, 227-238

Publication date: 02 Apr 2015

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