Effects of Multimedia Information Technology Integrated Multi-Sensory Instruction on Students’ Learning Motivation and Outcome
Tung-Ju Wu 1 * , Yu-Nan Tai 2
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1 College of Business Administration, Huaqiao University2 Alliant International University* Corresponding Author


Under the waves of the Internet and the trend of era, information technology is a door connecting to the world to generate the multiplier effect of learning. Students’ learning should not be regarded as the tool to cope with school examinations. The frequent contact with computers, networks, and relevant information allow students enjoying the colorful life. Some knowledge is broad on the Internet or TV media that the attraction of learning environments and teaching materials for students’ interests to achieve the teaching effect becomes a primary issue.

Materials and methods:
With the design of experiments, the quasi-experimental research is preceded in this study. Total 92 students in two classes in Fuzhou No.1 High School in Fujian are preceded the designed teaching program of multi-sensory instruction in math for 4 months.

The results show significant correlations between 1.learning motivation and learning outcomes, 2.multi-sensory instruction and learning motivation, and 3.multi-sensory instruction and learning outcomes.

This study expects to understand the effects of multimedia information technology integrated multi-sensory instruction on students’ learning motivation and outcomes as well as provide reference for teachers applying information technology integrated instruction and the promotion of relevant education units.


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Article Type: Research Article

EURASIA J Math Sci Tech Ed, Volume 12, Issue 4, April 2016, 1065-1074


Publication date: 13 Mar 2016

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