Effects of the Application of Computer Network Technology to Guided Discovery Teaching on Learning Achievement and Outcome
Desheng Lyu 1 * , Bei Wang 2
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1 Key Laboratory of Interactive Media Design and Equipment Service Innovation,Ministry of Culture,Harbin Institute of Technology, CHINA2 Harbin Normal University, CHINA* Corresponding Author


The development of computer and information technology has human society enter a brand-new information era. The most obvious change is that information becomes inevitable living focus in human life. The promotion of education reform in the world also has information education present the important status, expecting to train students’ capability to grasp information and enhance the learning outcome with information technology. Eventually, they could learn the survival skills in the information society as well as promote national competitiveness. With quasi-experimental study, 252 students in Harbin Institute of Technology are proceeded 16-week (3hr per week for total 48 hours) experimental teaching. The research results show that 1.guided discovery teaching would affect learning achievement, 2.guided discovery teaching would influence learning outcome, 3.learning achievement presents significantly positive effects on learning effect in learning outcome, and 4.learning achievement shows remarkably positive effects on learning gain in learning outcome. Finally, suggestions, according to the results, are proposed, expecting to provide thinking methods and direction for students’ learning, encourage students to make deeper thinking, and help students establish learning achievement in the principle discovery process to enhance learning efficiency through the practice of computer network technology in guided discovery teaching.


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Article Type: Research Article

EURASIA J Math Sci Tech Ed, 2018, Volume 14, Issue 7, 3269-3276


Publication date: 16 May 2018

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