Elaboration of the Methodology for Assessing the Development of Managerial Competences in University Students Taught with the Use of Case-Technologies
Natalia A. Zaitseva 1 *, Anna A. Larionova 2, Zhanna V. Gornostaeva 3, Olga Yu. Malinina 3, Victoria A. Povalayeva 3, Sergey L. Vasenev 3, Irina A. Skrynnikova 3, Alpay Ersozlu 4
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1 Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, RUSSIA2 Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, RUSSIA3 Institute of Service and Business (branch) Don State Technical University in Shakhty, RUSSIA4 Graduate School of Education, The University of Western Australia, Nedlands, WA, AUSTRALIA* Corresponding Author


The purpose of this paper lies in elaborating the methodology for assessing the development of managerial competences trained with the use of case technology as one of the inherent educational technologies. The principle research method is the pedagogical experiment with three control groups of students; the authors also applied the methods of systematization and generalization of the obtained data, expert assessment and interpretation of the study results, which helped to elaborate and test the scientific and methodological tools for assessing the development of students’ managerial competence. The experiment involved 68 students of the Master’s Degree program in Hospitality, 2040 assessments of competence levels were performed. Results: The paper reveals the essence of the methodology for assessing the development of managerial competences in university students taught with the use of case-technologies. The authors present their own rating scale for assessing the development of the managerial competences indicated in the professional standard for “Head/Manager of hotel complex/hotel chain” in Master’s Degree students majoring in Hospitality. The results prove the effectiveness of using case-technologies for developing students’ managerial competence, the effectiveness of different types of cases (creative, structured, and unstructured) is specified. The challenges of using case-technologies are identified, and recommendations for their use are suggested. The methodology for assessing the development of managerial competences in university students taught with the use of case-technologies elaborated by the authors can be used in educational programs in different fields of the Humanities. The difference of this methodology from the existing ones lies in its orientation at both the educational standards and the professional standards for heads of enterprises which emerged in Russia in the past 5 years. The effectiveness of the proposed methodology has been proved by high correlation of the research results obtained in different institutions and by different experts – University professors and employers.


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Article Type: Research Article

EURASIA J Math Sci Tech Ed, 2017, Volume 13, Issue 11, 7339-7351


Publication date: 01 Nov 2017

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