Graphic Design Applications for Spatial Imagery and Examples from a Nursery School
Elif Atamaz-Daut 1 * , Erdogan Ergun 1
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1 Near East University, Nicosia 99010, Cyprus* Corresponding Author

This article has been presented in ICES 2017 - International Conference on Environmental Sciences & Educational Studies.
This article belongs to the special issue "Interdisciplinary Research on the Environmental Education, Educational Studies in Sustainability & Instructional Technologies and Designs".


In this study, from the point of the significance of “ spatial imagery” in spaces, the contributions of graphic design to space were explored. Also, the importance and effect of illustrative, photographic, typographic and pictographic studies on the spatial imagery have been evaluated on the basis of examples. The observations obtained during the research showed that illustrations, photographs, typographies and pictograms, which have highly expressive language, have turned the space into a conceptual medium while presenting design solutions in accordance with the function and identity of the space in the creation of the spatial image and also positively influenced and directed the human behavior in the space. Graphic design solutions were shown with examples of architectural elements that create awareness of the space, perceive it and create permanent images in mind. The issue was supported by comparing the images before and after graphic analysis of sample spaces in this research. As a result, it was understood that the spatial images created by illustrative, photographic, typographic and pictographic analyzes, which are the subdisciplines of graphic design, were transformed into an environment where they can communicate with the users of the space that is an architectural product, and express themselves correctly.


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EURASIA J Math Sci Tech Ed, 2018, Volume 14, Issue 3, 947-957

Publication date: 01 Dec 2017

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