Historical and Biographical Approaches towards Teachers Training in Learning Physics Using Moodle LMS
Fairuza M. Sabirova 1 * , Viktor Y. Shurygin 1, Aleksandr V. Deryagin 1, Ilmir A. Sahabiev 1
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1 Department of Physics, Kazan Federal University, Yelabuga, RUSSIA* Corresponding Author


This article describes the possibilities for applying the historical and biographical approaches during the blended physics courses taught by using the original electronic training courses. This article provides the original e-learning modules that were applied during the Pedagogical Education course at the Kazan Federal University in 2016-2017 and 2017-2018. The training process was based on several different thematic blocks. Survey was conducted after the success testing. This survey has revealed that the historical and biographical approaches to teaching physics by means of the MOODLE LMS allow the teachers to increase the interest not only to this course, but also to the history of its development. In percentage terms, 39.7% of students have noted an increased level of motivation for independent activity. The original online courses will come in handy to design new physics curricula for online teaching and learning in other countries.


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Article Type: Research Article

EURASIA J Math Sci Tech Ed, Volume 15, Issue 3, March 2019, Article No: em1669


Publication date: 28 Dec 2018

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