Impact of Conflict Management Strategies on the Generation Mechanism of Miners' Unsafe Behavior Tendency
Ji-Zu Li 1 * , Ya-Ping Zhang 1, Xiao-Guang Liu 1, Yao-Long Liu 1, Tian-Ri Wang 1
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1 Taiyuan University of Technology, CHINA* Corresponding Author


In this paper, we examine the relationship between the generation mechanism of miners' unsafe behavior tendency and conflict management strategies, including cooperative conflict management strategy, competitive conflict management strategy and avoidant conflict management strategy. Miners from 3 collieries in Shanxi province completed a questionnaire, from which a valid sample of 148 responses was selected. Structural equation modeling analysis using the AMOS 7.0 was employed to test the hypothesized model relating the above-mentioned variables. The conclusion shows that the model was supported, and conflict management strategies have a significant impact on the generation mechanism of miners' unsafe behavior tendency. Insecurity psychology acts as an intermediary role between the three conflict management strategies and coal miners' unsafe behavior tendency. Interpersonal intimacy acts partly as a regulating role between the three conflict management strategies and insecurity psychology. Practical implications of these results for the control of miners' unsafe behavior tendency are discussed.


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Article Type: Research Article

EURASIA J Math Sci Tech Ed, Volume 13, Issue 6, June 2017, 2721-2732

Publication date: 18 Apr 2017

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