Involvement of the student in their learning: Effects of formative assessment on competency development
Roberto Santiago Bellido-García 1 * , Carlos Oswaldo Venturo-Orbegoso 1 , Alejandro Cruzata-Martínez 2 , Edith Beatriz Sarmiento-Villanueva 3 , José Corro-Quispe 4 , Luis Gerardo Rejas-Borjas 4
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1 Universidad César Vallejo, Lima, PERU2 Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola, Lima, PERU3 Educational Institution 3056 Great Britain, Lima, PERU4 Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Lima, PERU* Corresponding Author


The study aimed to establish the influence of formative assessment on the attainment of scientific and technological competencies in a school in Lima, Peru. We formulated and subsequently tested hypothesis of the positive impact of formative evaluation on science and technology competencies. The authors used the questionnaire associated with formative evaluative practices and to measure the development of competencies gradings of 116 second-grade high school students. It was found that formative assessment significatively influences the development of scientific and technological competencies, predicting a 0.708 increase in educational outcomes (pseudo R-squared Nagelkerke). This influence on competency attainment was examined through regression analysis. It was concluded that formative assessment, along with all its dimensions, influences the achievement of competencies related to science and technology. We recommend that its implementation in classrooms should receive greater dissemination.


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Article Type: Research Article

EURASIA J Math Sci Tech Ed, 2024, Volume 20, Issue 5, Article No: em2440

Publication date: 01 May 2024

Online publication date: 11 Apr 2024

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