Organizational Learning and Organization Innovation in the Tourist Hotels - An Empirical Study
Hsin-Wei Fu 1 *
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1 Department of Tourism, I-Shou University, Kaohsiung City, TAIWAN, ROC* Corresponding Author


In face of the rapidly changing environment and unpredictability of tourist hotels as well as rising consumer needs, constant learning is necessary for tourist hotels to maintain the competitive advantage and survival. Continuous learning is therefore required for organizations and individuals in tourist hotels; however, the learning levels and types are distinct. To enhance the international competitiveness, a tourist hotel has to effectively absorb, transfer, and even create new knowledge for the effective innovation. For this reason, “organizational learning” and “knowledge creation” become the keys in the future research on innovation. Total 360 copies are distributed, and 304 valid copies are retrieved, with the retrieval rate 84%. The research results are concluded as below. 1) Organizational learning shows significantly positive correlations with knowledge creation. 2) Knowledge creation reveals remarkably positive correlations with organization innovation. 3) Organizational learning presents notably positive correlations with organization innovation. 4) Knowledge creation appears mediation on the relationship between organizational learning and organization innovation. Finally, suggestions, according to the research results, are proposed, expecting to enhance the market share and profitability of tourist hotels and to maintain the sustainable management and development.


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EURASIA J Math Sci Tech Ed, 2017, Volume 13, Issue 9, 6347-6356

Publication date: 20 Sep 2017

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