Students’ Perceptions and Behaviour in Technology-Rich Classroom and Multi-Media Classroom
Junfeng Yang 1 * , Huiju Yu 1, Chaohua Gong 2, Nian-Shing Chen 3
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1 Hangzhou Normal University2 Beijing Normal University3 National Sun Yat-sen University* Corresponding Author


Considering the challenges of pedagogy transformation and the modest use of technologies in classroom, we hypothesize that designing and using technology-rich classroom (TRC) is one of the methods for changing the classroom from teaching-centered learning to more student-centered learning.

Material and methods:
In order to test our hypotheses, a TRC was designed according to the adapted SMATE model, and the differences of students’ perceptions, learning behaviors and teaching behaviors in TRC and traditional classrooms (TC) were analyzed. We conducted an experimental research in a primary school with 143 students from 4 classes. Two classes were experimental group in TRC, which was equipped with Wi-Fi, wireless display, dual screens and site facilitators, plus an iPad for every student in the class.

The results indicated that the scores of students’ perceptions on TRC were significantly higher than scores in TC, and students had more time engaged in individual learning and collaborative learning in TRC than in TC.

This study showed that designing and using technology-rich classroom (TRC) is one of the methods for changing teaching behaviour and learning behavior.


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EURASIA J Math Sci Tech Ed, 2017, Volume 13, Issue 3, 621-647

Publication date: 06 Dec 2016

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