The Effect of Preschool Mathematics Education in Development of Geometry Concepts in Children
Sanja M. Maričić 1 * , Jelena D. Stamatović 1
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1 University of Kragujevac, Teaching Training Faculty in Užice, Serbia* Corresponding Author


Given the fact that early mathematics education is important for further learning of mathematics, authors of this paper examine the effects that preschool mathematics education on development of geometry concepts in children. On a sample of 290 children, through a one-on-one interview, we studied the development of geometry concepts in children at the end of preschool education in Serbia. Research results show that the preschool mathematics education achieves significant effects developing geometry concepts in children. Preschool mathematics education does not achieve equal effects on the development of all geometry concepts covered by the curriculum of preschool education, that there are no differences in the development of these concepts depending on the location of the preparatory preschool institution and the gender of the child, but that the education level of the child’s parents has great impact on the development of these concepts.


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Article Type: Research Article

EURASIA J Math Sci Tech Ed, Volume 13, Issue 9, September 2017, 6175-6187

Publication date: 15 Sep 2017

Online publication date: 25 Aug 2017

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