The Influence of Flipped Learning Methods on High School Learners’ Biology Attainment and Social Intelligence in Kuwait
Ali Hassan Ebrahim 1 * , Salwa A Ben Naji 2
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1 Curriculum & Instruction, College of Education - Kuwait University, KUWAIT2 College of Education English Unit Kuwait University, KUWAIT* Corresponding Author


The present study aims to discuss the influence of the flipped learning method (FLM)—on high school biology learners to improve the results of their biology attainment tests along with their use of social interactions while learning. By applying quasi-experimental study, 37 female high school biology learners in 2 intact grade 10 classes in Kuwait were selected as the study objects. A class was randomly chosen as the experimental group and another class as the control group. The students in the experimental group applied flipped learning strategy while the control group applied the traditional direct method. The teaching experiment for both classes lasted for 5 weeks (10 sessions). Using an attainment test administered by the teacher as a pretest and a post-test, the attainment of the biology students was measured. The researchers also conducted a survey to examine their social intelligence and it was given along with the pretest and the post-test. The breakdown of the attainment test results showed that flipped learning methods actually have (p > .05) more positive influence on the students’ attainment than the direct methods. The learners under the flipped teaching methods outperformed the learners under the direct methods on their attainment learning. However, as for the results of their social intelligence, the ANCOVA test revealed a non-significant difference between the two classes whether they were under the influence of flipped learning methods or the direct teaching methods due to some reasons mentioned later in this paper. Still, flipped learning method effect on the student’ learning attainment led to positive results and would lead other teachers to implement FLM in Kuwaiti classrooms. The researchers also suggest that the College of Education at Kuwait University train pre-service teachers to apply modern teaching strategies, such as FLM.
This paper presents an important topic. It summaries primary literature concerning flipped classrooms compared to direct teaching methods, discusses limitations of both methods, clarifies benefits of flipped learning methods, and offers recommendations for teachers to implement flipped learning methods.


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EURASIA J Math Sci Tech Ed, 2021, Volume 17, Issue 8, Article No: em1987

Publication date: 23 Jun 2021

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