The Influence of Learning Style on Learning Attitude with Multimedia Teaching Materials
Fumei Weng 1 * , Hann-Jang Ho 1, Rong-Jou Yang 2, Chin-Hui Weng 3
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1 WuFeng University, TAIWAN2 University of Texas at El Paso, TX, USA3 Peikang Junior High School, TAIWAN* Corresponding Author


The aim of this study is to discover the influence of multimedia materials of Taekwondo Aerobic on students’ learning attitude with diverse learning styles. Taekwondo Aerobic class is a new subject for junior high school teachers in Taiwan. The junior high school students are promoted to learn this activity to improve their health. With the advance of digital technology, multimedia-based teaching style has been emphasized and applied. Not every student handles the material well and their learning styles also influence their learning achievement. Participants were students on grade seventh and eighth. Students are divided into two groups, with one experiment group adopting multimedia-based teaching, and one control group adopting traditional teaching respectively. Students are given questionnaires after the experiment. There were 101 valid questionnaires. The results show that adopting multimedia-based teaching style promotes students’ learning attitude. Using multimedia-based teaching style has significant effects on students’ learning attitude with different learning styles in teaching Taekwondo Aerobic.


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Article Type: Research Article

EURASIA J Math Sci Tech Ed, 2019, Volume 15, Issue 1, Article No: em1659

Publication date: 28 Nov 2018

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