The Use of Fables in Science Laboratory
Hatice Kayhan 1, Behbood Mohammadzadeh 1 * , Sevilay Atmaca 2
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1 Cyprus International University2 Freelance Researcher, TURKEY* Corresponding Author


In this study, undergraduate students were asked to construct fables which occurred in science laboratory. A fable is a type of story which mainly give moral lessons and put forward the principle of life. According to the directions, the students used “rules in laboratory”, “safety cautions”, “laboratory materials” and “first aid principles” in a correct manner. Research group were chosen from Department of Elementary School Education students. Students’ fables were marked with rubrics developed by the researchers. In the marking process, general qualifications of fables and basic principles of science laboratory were questioned in a correct manner. Data was examined by using “code and theme list” to “content analysis technique”. As a result, fables presented and information about their true values were focused on. This study is thought to make contributions in terms of the original contributions for researchers and teachers who are seeking innovations in science education and laboratory techniques in terms of the application.


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EURASIA J Math Sci Tech Ed, 2017, Volume 13, Issue 8, 4471-4480

Publication date: 27 Jul 2017

Online publication date: 12 Jul 2017

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