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Research Article

Design-based research–Tension between practical relevance and knowledge generation–What can we learn from projects?

Claudia Haagen-Schützenhöfer, Markus Obczovsky, Paula Kislinger

EURASIA J Math Sci Tech Ed, 2024, Volume 20, Issue 1, Article No: em2378

Research Article

Pre-algebraic aspects in arithmetic strategies – The generalization and conceptual understanding of the ‘Auxiliary Task’

Taha Ertuğrul Kuzu

EURASIA J Math Sci Tech Ed, 2022, Volume 18, Issue 12, Article No: em2192

Research Article

Development of a Learning Environment to Enhance Preservice Physics Teachers’ Diagnostic Competence in Terms of Students’ Conceptions

Ingrid Krumphals, Claudia Haagen-Schützenhöfer

EURASIA J Math Sci Tech Ed, 2021, Volume 17, Issue 6, Article No: em1972

Research Article

Design Principles for Lesson Study Practice: A Case Study for Developing and Refining Local Theory

Divan Jagals, Martha Van der Walt

EURASIA J Math Sci Tech Ed, 2018, Volume 14, Issue 8, Article No: em1560