Augmented Reality Research in Education: A Bibliometric Study
Mehmet Karakus 1, Alpay Ersozlu 2 * , Aaron C. Clark 3
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1 Centre for Global Learning: Education and Attainment, Coventry University, UK2 Graduate School of Education,The University of Western Australia, AUSTRALIA3 College of Education, North Carolina State University, USA* Corresponding Author


The aim of this study is identifying the publications related to Augmented Reality (AR) in education and describing the features of those studies. The Web of Science database was searched for publications on AR in education. Bibliographic coupling of the countries, bibliographic coupling of the institutions, bibliographic coupling of the journals, bibliographic coupling of the publications, bibliographic coupling of the authors, and co-occurrences of the author keywords were examined for the selected publications. Bibliographic visualisation methods were used to analyse and visualise the characteristics of the selected publications. A total of 437 publications were selected following the research criteria between 1999 and 2018. The results revealed that virtual reality, mobile learning, interactive learning environments, and e-learning were among the most studied concepts in AR research. Computers & Education, EJMSTE, Educational Technology and Society, and Interactive Learning Environments have been among the top journals, Spain and Taiwan have been the most important countries, C.C. Tsai and G.J. Hwang have been the most important authors and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology has been the top institution in this research area. The research trend and the progress of the concept of augmented reality in education have been discussed in the paper.


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EURASIA J Math Sci Tech Ed, Volume 15, Issue 10, October 2019, Article No: em1755

Publication date: 09 May 2019

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