Embodiment of University Counselor’s Professional Ability in Student Work
Yiming He 1 *
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1 Law and Politics College, Lingnan Normal University, Zhanjiang, 524048, CHINA* Corresponding Author


University counselors are the main force for university student work, their professional ability directly affects the ultimate effect of university student work. Therefore, professional construction of university counselors has an unignorable optimistic and positive guiding effect on management of university students. The professional construction of university counselors requires provision of clear promotion ways for university counselors, constant exploration into theoretical research and practice way of university student work, so as to promote improvement in university counselors’ comprehensive quality. Clear promotion way will stimulate enthusiasm of university counselors in student work, so that excellent university counselors specialize in professional work of counselor, thus enhancing the overall level of university counselors in managing university students. University counselors should emphasize the integration of education and management, and integrate individual education guidance with group management and construction. At the same time, university counselors should not only focus on shaping the social mainstream ideology of university students, but also take the initiative to study the current life demands of university students, integrate social norms into actual life of university students, devote to instructing university students to develop the basic criteria to follow when dealing with interaction between people and society. That is, promote the socialization of university students, so that university students achieve better socialization in growth and education. The professional ability of university counselors should be constantly innovated centering on the actual needs of university student management work. Efforts should be made to create a model combined with university student work, constantly explore the optimization path under the view of university student work, and finally make university counselors’ professional ability better embodied and displayed in university student work.


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EURASIA J Math Sci Tech Ed, Volume 13, Issue 10, October 2017, 6847-6852


Publication date: 11 Oct 2017

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