Foundations matter: Pre-service teachers’ understanding of osmosis and diffusion in relation to their formal science education backgrounds
Sasa Ziherl 1 * , Gregor Torkar 1
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1 Faculty of Education, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, SLOVENIA* Corresponding Author


Osmosis and diffusion are fundamental topics in science education because many processes in nature largely depend on these phenomena. However, many students usually hold misconceptions and have a lack of knowledge about these topics. This study explores pre-service teachers’ understanding of osmosis and diffusion in relation to their prior formal education. The main reason for the study was the need to support pre-service teachers so that they can effectively teach these topics. A total of 243 first-year students in bachelor’s programs at the University of Ljubljana participated in the study. The results showed that students that graduated from vocational and technical secondary schools had a weaker understanding of these topics compared to students from general secondary schools. Furthermore, only students that had passed the leaving exam in biology showed a better understanding of osmosis and diffusion.


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EURASIA J Math Sci Tech Ed, Volume 18, Issue 6, June 2022, Article No: em2113

Publication date: 22 Apr 2022

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