Investigating How the Biographies of Today’s Scientists Affect 8th Graders’ Scientist Image
Sedat Karaçam 1 *
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1 Düzce Üniversitesi* Corresponding Author


This study aimed to investigate how a poster study focusing on the biographies of today’s scientists affected 8th graders’ scientist images.

Material and methods:
The study utilized a mixed model which combined qualitative and quantitative research techniques. 142 8th graders from a secondary school in Ankara Province Keçiören District participated in the study. Implementation took place in the spring term of 2013-2014 academic years. In implementation, students were given “Draw A Scientist Test (DAST)” in order to determine the scientist image of students before and after implementation and students were asked to explain scientists in their drawings. After the pretest, control group students continued their training following the curriculum, while experimental group students were given the task of preparing poster studies titled “biographies of today’s scientists’” in addition to their regular curriculum.

According to research results, poster study on biographies of today’s scientists had no effect on 8th graders’ scientist images.

In this sense, it can be argued that teaching process should include biographies of past scientists rather than today’s scientists and teaching practices that include the use of posters in presentations and discussions should be carried out with students at different educational levels.


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EURASIA J Math Sci Tech Ed, 2016, Volume 12, Issue 8, 1971-1995

Publication date: 02 Jul 2016

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