Praxeological Change and the Density of Rational Numbers: The Case of Pre-service Teachers in Denmark and Indonesia
Zetra Hainul Putra 1 2 *
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1 University of Copenhagen, Department of Science Education, Copenhagen, DENMARK2 University of Riau, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Pekanbaru, INDONESIA* Corresponding Author


The present study aims to introduce the notion of praxeological change, developed based on the Anthropological Theory of the Didactic, to describe a necessity of changing mathematical praxeologies when passing from natural to rational numbers. It is applied to study and compare Danish and Indonesian pre-service teachers’ (PSTs) knowledge of the density of rational numbers. They work in pairs to solve and discuss a hypothetical teacher task, which involves both mathematical and didactical tasks, related to the density of rational numbers. The findings highlight significant differences of the mathematical and didactical knowledge which are shared by the Danish and Indonesian PSTs. In particular, the Danish PSTs are more successful than the Indonesian PSTs in proposing didactical praxeologies to support pupils’ praxeological change. They use the mathematical idea of converting fractions into decimals or vice versa and representing fractions and decimals on the same number line, while the Indonesian pairs tend to suggest pupils to order fractions and decimals based on the ordering properties of natural numbers.


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EURASIA J Math Sci Tech Ed, 2019, Volume 15, Issue 5, Article No: em1711

Publication date: 21 Mar 2019

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