Pre-service Physics Teachers’ Metacognitive Knowledge about Their Instructional Practices
Sevda Yerdelen-Damar 1 * , Ömer Faruk ÖZDEMIR 2, Cezmi ÜNAL 3
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1 Yuzuncu Yil University2 Middle East Technical University3 Gaziosmanpaşa University* Corresponding Author


Teacher metacognition involves teachers' thinking about their teaching. This study aims to investigate pre-service physics teachers’ metacognitive knowledge about their teaching practices.

Materials and methods:
The participants included six pre-service physics teachers in an “instructional methods” course designed for pre-service teachers who were seeking a degree to become physics teachers. A framework of metacognition for teaching was developed to analyze the level of pre-service physics teachers’ metacognitive knowledge about their teaching practices. The sources of data used in this study were observations collected through pre-service teachers’ instructional practices, lesson plans, reflection papers, and interviews with pre-service teachers about their instructional practices. The data of study was analyzed using interpretivist qualitative methodology.

Analysis of data showed that pre-service physics teachers’ metacognitive knowledge about their content knowledge was quite satisfactory; however, their metacognitive knowledge about instructional methods, students’ pre-instructional knowledge, and the task of teaching needs to be improved.

The results of the study provided evidence that metacognitive knowledge on teaching is a fruitful framework to generate interpretations about the participants’ instructional processes.


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EURASIA J Math Sci Tech Ed, 2015, Volume 11, Issue 5, 1009-1026

Publication date: 25 Aug 2015

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