The Concept of Waste within the Framework of Sustainable Development through the Analysis of the Secondary Education Curriculum
Guadalupe Martínez Borreguero 1 * , Jesús Maestre Jiménez 1, Francisco Luis Naranjo Correa 1
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1 Department of Didactics of Experimental Sciences, University of Extremadura, Avda. De Elvas, Badajoz, SPAIN* Corresponding Author


The overall purpose was to analyze the reference to the concept of waste (closely related to sustainable development within the framework of environmental education) in the regulation that standardizes Compulsory Secondary Education. A qualitative research design was carried out based on a descriptive statistical analysis. A system of categories has been established. The different subjects in which the concept of waste is taught, the contents proposed and the approach that is given to the concept were analyzed. The concept of waste appeared in different expressions, which were the indicators of this study. The results reveal that the current legislation, both national and regional, gives very little relevance to this concept. Although the regulations offer opportunities in education to study this concept, it is insufficient and incomplete in this regard. These results allow us to affirm that the study of the concept of waste in the school stage is not encouraged.


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EURASIA J Math Sci Tech Ed, 2018, Volume 14, Issue 1, 255-264

Publication date: 02 Nov 2017

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