The Effect of Using Graphing Calculators in Complex Function Graphs
Mehmet Akif Ocak 1 *
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1 Gazi Universitesi, Ankara, TURKEY* Corresponding Author


This study investigates the role of graphing calculators in multiple representations for knowledge transfer and the omission of oversimplification in complex function graphs. The main aim is to examine whether graphing calculators were used efficiently to see different cases and multiple perspectives among complex function graphs, or whether graphing calculators were used only as a mechanical tool to push buttons and execute memorized steps. Twenty individuals chosen from seven college calculus I classes (148 students) participated in this study. A survey was administered to students in order to find their attitudes and prior use of using graphing calculators. Data was gathered from the video-taped interviews with students to determine how the graphing calculator was used in the tasks and to get a deeper understanding of college students’ engagement process with graphing calculators. The results indicated that experience with the graphing calculator was important factor in solving the tasks with the graphing calculator, while attitude seemed to have no effect on task solving steps. Results clearly show that in order to use the graphing calculator in complex function graphs to implement the multiple representations of knowledge, the students need to know characteristics of features on the graphing calculator. They have to have some use of skills and good experience on the machine, not just skills of thinking and skills of knowing the concept.


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EURASIA J Math Sci Tech Ed, Volume 4, Issue 4, 2008, 337-346

Publication date: 22 Dec 2008

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